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Everything You Need to Manage Your
Alumni Relationships

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Engage Your Alumni Community

With your Webbing-powered platform, you provide tangible value to your alumni by offering them access to an exclusive alumni job network, making it easy for them to share celebrations and achievements, and keeping them informed of news and highlights from their alma mater ... all custom-branded with your official name and logo.

Boost Your Alumni Giving

Your Webbing-powered platform makes it easy for your staff to organize fundraising campaigns, enables your alumni to conveniently support your school with charitable donations made directly via the app, and helps your team track and analyze donations to help guide future fundraising efforts.

Manage Your Alumni Database

Save time and stay organized with your Webbing-powered CRM for desktop and mobile. Keep your database up to date with contact and professional information, all managed from one central hub that gives you complete control over your alumni data.

Webbing Labs creates white-labeled communications platforms for organizations, schools, and businesses of all kinds. Whether you run a tour company, lead a school's communications department, manage alumni relations, or want to engage your organization's members, we have a solution that exactly meets your needs.

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