Chat Channels Are the Best Place to Get the Conversation Started

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You Can Send Out Reminders,
Announcement or Polls

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Chat Done Right!

Multiple Chat Channels

Create as many Chat Channels as necessary to communicate with your group, Chat Channels can be used for any topic, project, organizational or departmental need your group may encounter.

Great Performance.

We have done our utmost to create a Chat App that performs as well and is as easy to use as any other Chat App you use throughout your day!

Your Messages Marked as Read.

This feature provides the transparency needed to ensure the right people got your message.

Audio Notes, Files, and More.

Share audio notes, files, and locations in the chat. Basically anything can be shared in the chat.

Upload Photos & Videos.

View the photos and videos in full screen or download them for later, they are all stored in the cloud and do not take up any space on your phone.

Keep the Conversation in Context

Reply in Chats

Pressing on any chat message allows you to reply specifically to that chat message, giving your reply the appropriate context; all replies to a specific message are then gathered on one page.


Mention your group members in the chat to get their attention and have them join the conversation

Send Private Messages in The People Menu Where Everyone in Your Group is Listed.

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Admin Controls

Set Channel to Broadcast or Interactive
Channels can be a collaborative space or a space where ideas and updates are shared by the admin.
Edit or delete chats
As an admin you can edit or delete anyone else's Chats.
Share Links
Share links to posts on other channel in your chat messages.
Notifications Settings
Specify notification settings on an individual bases or Channel wide.

No Member Login Required

Your app can be integrated with email so that even members who prefer not to sign up to the app can receive information and participate via email.

Be In Your Community's Hands

How can you be in your community member's lives if you’re not in their hands?

: People spend a “staggering 4.7 hours” per day on their phones

TechCrunch: Consumers Spend 85% Of Time On Smartphones In Apps

Customized to Boost Your Brand

Customize the logo, communities, channels, background photos, app icons, and get your own unique URL.

Everything you need in one simple app