Share Knowledge, Organise Discussions And Take Notes

Post Channels Are Flexible and Powerful, Create Feeds for Topic-Based Discussions (Facebook Feed), Share Updates (Like a Newsletter), and Share and Organise Groups Knowledge (Google Docs) and Take Notes

Organize Your Content

Multiple Post Channels

Create as many Post Channels as necessary to organize your group, Channels can be used for any topic, project, organisational or departmental need your group may encounter.


Tags are like folders located within Channels. Use Tags to easily sort content within Channels. In addition to systematising your content, tags allow you to combine, group, filter and search for relevant information quickly and efficiently within each Channel.

Rich Text Editor For Sharing the best content

Real-Time Discussions

Real Time Comments

The comment section is an adapted version of the Webbing chat system; it functions as a mini Post by Post chat room facilitating collaboration, discussion and idea sharing.


Mention your group members in comments to get their attention and have them join the conversation.

Attachments & Audio Notes

The comment section in Posts resembles Webbing’s chat system by enabling attachments, audio notes, location and much more.

Admin Controls

Set Channel to Broadcast/Interact
Channels can be a collaborative space or a space where ideas and updates are shared by the admin.
Edit or delete posts
As an admin you can edit or delete anyone else's Posts.
forward Posts
Duplicate or forward a post from one channel to the next
Notifications Settings
Specify notification settings on an individual bases or Channel wide.

Be In Your Community's Hands

How can you be in your community member's lives if you’re not in their hands?

: People spend a “staggering 4.7 hours” per day on their phones

TechCrunch: Consumers Spend 85% Of Time On Smartphones In Apps

Customized to Boost Your Brand

Customize the logo, communities, channels, background photos, app icons, and get your own unique URL.

No Member Login Required

Your app can be integrated with email so that even members who prefer not to sign up to the app can receive information and participate via email.

Everything you need in one simple app