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Everything You Need to Manage
Your School's Communications

Try the Webbing app and you'll want one of your own

Streamline Your School

Your Webbing-powered platform enables you to streamline communications with every member of your school’s community, including students, faculty, office staff, and parents. It gives you one organized platform for sending updates and exchanging messages with everyone that’s important to your school.

Make Sure They "Get the Message"

When you need your members to get your messages, you'll appreciate your Webbing platform's interactive notifications. Whether you're informing students of a class change or making sure faculty know when the next meeting will take place, you'll see who saw and responded to your messages instantaneously.

The Right Channels of Communication

Your Webbing-powered app offers you two types of communication channels to better manage your community. The first is a post channel, which is ideal for collections of written content or photos. The second is a chat channel, which can be used for real-time group communications or direct messaging.