Reminders, Announcement, and Polls That Guarantee Responses

Send Announcement, Polls And Reminders That Grab Your Member's Attention and Prompt a Response by Only Enabling App Features Once Notification is Read and a Response is Recorded

Send Out 4 Types of Notification Cards

Manage Your Messages

See Who Replied and Who Did Not

Get compiled lists of all participants marking those who replied and those who did not, giving you a full picture of who has seen and read your message.

Recent Notifications

If someone did not see your message, you can always resend a notification excluding the list of participants who have already replied.

Send Photos and Format Your Message

Send beautifully formatted announcements with photos and rich text to ensure that your message is properly delivered, and received.

Admin Controls

Include or exclude admins from receiving notifications.
Edit or delete announcements
As an admin you can edit or delete announcements in real time.
Due Dates
Set due dates, clearly marking expired or no longer relevant content.
Announcement Settings
Only admins can create channels that everyone is a part of so you can send out announcement.

No Member Login Required

Your app can be integrated with email so that even members who prefer not to sign up to the app can receive information and participate via email.

Be In Your Community's Hands

How can you be in your community member's lives if you’re not in their hands?

: People spend a “staggering 4.7 hours” per day on their phones

TechCrunch: Consumers Spend 85% Of Time On Smartphones In Apps

Customized to Boost Your Brand

Customize the logo, communities, channels, background photos, app icons, and get your own unique URL.

Everything you need in one simple app